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@one man 

Hello Dear

i wrote this command:

how can i add an outter loop to this command for another variable? e.g. z?


@one man 

please appologize me, but i have another question :

the constrraint 0<=x<=1   , x<y<=1,    y<z<=1

is very important for me, althoght we have written this constraint in the program, but i chequed when i cancel this from the program the figures do not change.

do you have any idea about this problem?

thanks if you guide me

you are very welcome 

@one man 

thanks again

but it was remain some of my questions:

i saw in Dragilev method only 3 numbers but in animation we have very points. could the program show me them numerically?

and could you please tell me about measuring the radius of the tube and their periods alittle clearly?

and is it possible to see the solution numerically in this file or the cilinder equation?

@one man 

could you please tell me what did you find the radius :Pi/20?

and the periods:+-KPi/6.7 ,+-KPi/7.7?

@one man 

Dear friends

thanks alot about your easier solution.

i have some questions:

1-In this file, are the numbers have been shown at the end the solutions? and could you please give alittle description about this file?

2-Is this solution as better as draghilev method?

3- please excuseme,but is it possible tell me in draghilev method what can we find all the solution? because at the end of it only 3 numbers about initial condition and 3 numbers about the solution has been shown?

4-could you please give me some guidance about drawing the auxiliary curve of Dragilev on the other cilinder of the plot?

please consider me as your student and answer my question clearly. thanks alot 



@one man 

thank you god blessed you .

i wish you the best

@one man 

thank you. if you do this for me i thanks you alot because i need the solution as soon as possible for my article information.

best regards

@one man 

Hello Dear friend

thanks alot for your comment. i had plotted this equation as you have mentioned but could you please guide me how i can select my acceptable answers?

@Kitonum when i replace "-" with "=" before "NULL" maple does not plot any thing .whats the matter?

@Kitonum i have a probability function such as cos(x-y)*cos(y-z)*cos^2(x-2z)=0.6 where its variables are x=0..5, y=0..x, z=0..y. please guide me

@Kitonum can i plot a complicated function with inequality range "x<y<z" without solving it by maple? because when maple wants to solve it , its answer is very very big.

@acer i have another complicated function and want to plot it by the inequality range "x<y<z".

but i do not like to solve it by maple . is there any way to do this work? it's means that is there any way to plot a function with inequality range without solving it by maple?

thanks alot if you can guide me.

@Kitonum thanks alo

@acer thank you

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