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Even more simplified: is it possible that (because of some transformations etc.) for a variable f Maple10 displays on the input

> print(f);

the output


but on the input

> TT := [seq(S[i], i = 1 .. 6)]:

> type(S[5]^5-3*S[6]^5+2*S[6]^4, polynom(rational, TT));

we get 'false'? (This is true if you enter it in a new maple sheet)

Thanks for your answer but unfortunately I ment of course 'parse(s)'. Let me state my problem differently:

If I use approach A everything works fine but approach B doesn't work at all (why?):


Approach A:
Open a Maple sheet and type the following lines:

s := "T(3)^5*T(5)^35";
u := subs({seq(T(i) = S[i], i = 1 .. 5)}, t);

This works perfectely!

Approach B:
Open a textfile "myprocedures.maple" in an arbitrary editor (e.g. emacs) with contents of the sort (modulo typos) as follows: (this is not real Maple-code but just pseudocode)

fun := proc()

perform an external call to a program that does write "file1.poly" with contents being a string "T(3)^5*T(5)^35".

read that file into Maple in store this string in s.

t := parse(s);

return t;
end proc:

Now, open a Maple sheet and type:

read "myprocedures.maple";
t := fun();
u := subs({seq(T(i) = S[i], i = 1 .. 5)}, t);

Then there is the error

"Error, invalid input: subs received T(3)^5*T(5)^35, which is not valid for its 2nd argument"

I'm pretty sure this isn't because of typos but because Maple somehow doesn't interpret the given t as a polynomial in T(1),... but interprets it somehow differently (even though if I print out intermediate results, everything seems to be fine...)

I really appreciate any suggestions!

yes, I will have to go that way: I will try copying these lines each 10 lines at a time to classic maple and run that.

Hope that works...

@Axel Vogt: this doesn't work: Maple freezes (mor accurately tries with full CPU-load to export the file but doesn't terminate; at least not within 3 hours).

I open the "myfile.mw"-File with XEmacs but this doesn't seem to work because it seem to be coded or encrypted somehow. For example the file looks approximately like this:


<Highlighter-style name="Highlighter 5" pen-color="[255,255,0]" pen-height="48.0" pen-width="48.0" pen-opacity="0.8"/>
    <Task-category name="&lt;default&gt;">
<Group view="code" labelreference="L2" drawlabel="true">
<Text-field prompt="&gt; " style="Maple Input" layout="Normal"><Equation executable="true" style="2D Input" input-equation="" display="LUklbXJvd0c2Iy9JK21vZHVsZW5hbWVHNiJJLFR5cGVzZXR



Where the latter dots stand for a huge sequence of characters in the given manner.

How do I edit that?

but as I said: it's nothing special:it's the definition of a module of the form


<exported functions>

<implementation of functions>



but everything is written using "SHIFT-RETURN", so it's one really big group. So you can open the file but can't copy the text or export it, you can't run it in decent time either.


sorry but I can't do that because it's the code of a friend who needs this for his diplomathesis and he woulnd't like it if he saw that's it's on the internet (he has to publish it on the internet but not before a given time or something like that).

what shall I do now? :-(

thanks for the reply, but hitting F3 or selecting "insert execution group" doesnt work respectively creates one at the end of the file.

Yeah I know. Sorry. But unfortunately I'm sure it won't help because the code is huge.

But is there some kind of error-code-table where you can look up the type of an error, e.g. "delimiters"-error = wrong parantheses?



I've got the same problem but even with larger Code-regions (no plots): It take up to 20 seconds until Maple 12 responds after having hit CTRL-C.


the SINGULAR-manual says about 'std':

returns a standard basis of an ideal or module with respect to the monomial ordering of the basering. A standard basis is a set of generators such that the leading terms generate the leading ideal, resp. module.

So i have to find out how to get that monomial ordering?

Cool idea! Thx

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