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Hi there,

I'm doing a lot of computations with Maple right now (currently the ancient 10 and 12 versions but maybe soon 14).

I would like to do Unit-Tests of my Software as known for instance in JUnit with Java. Is it possible or do I have to use the ASSERT(...) - statements?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,


I have defined an own type MyType wich is internally just a list ['MyType', A, B] with let's say two lists A,B and the symbol 'MyType' as first element (to identify the type).

Now, if I define

X := MyType('MyType', A, B);

is there a possibility to extract A out of X by something like


or even better X[1] (thus skipping the first one)? The only thing I know is op(2, X).

Hi there,

I've got a weird error which kept me busy for two hours now:

I'm doing computations outside Maple and successfully read in a string, e.g.

s := "T(3)^5*T(5)^35";

Then I parse s by performing



u := subs({seq(T(i) = S[i], i = 1 .. 5)}, parse(t))

gives me

S[3]^5 * S[5]^35

Now the weird part: This works all fine if I put those command right in a Maple10-sheet.

If I however use this in a function fun(...

Hi there,


i've wirtten a library for maple12, say "MyLib", which is given by the files "MyLib.ind" and "MyLib.lib".

I've done this via

> restart;  
>  march('create', "<path>/MyLib.lib", 1);
> read "functions.txt";
> savelibname:="<path>";
> savelib( `MyLib` );

where "functions.txt" is given as

MyLib:= module()



I've got a big file "file.mw" written in Maple12, which is OK, since I own Maple 12. Unfortunately it is totally in Math mode and all in one single group, i.e. of the form


> first line;
   second line;
   third line;

   last line;


(keep in mind that there are only two ">" s).

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