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These are questions asked by hopereza

Here my worksheet that at the end of it I have a problem with the dsolve when solving an ode system. and the error is 

Error, (in StringTools:-IsPrefix) second argument must be a string

I know that the dsolve has problem with bracket . Then how can I fix it or how can I change my codes.


The help of maple software is not so clear , and I cant understand the exact way which leads to exporting a matrix from maple to matlab. more precisely how I can link between maple and matlab .

would you please with an example show me the rule.

I am trying to integrate product of exp(t+s) and a piecewise polynomial but the result can not be read and not usefull. also I used numerical integration function "Quadrature" but the result did not change.


I have written some statements in maple and when integrating a vector I encounter an error . whats the problem? the error is:

Error, (in evalf/Ei/taylor) unsupported type of index, 1.

F1 := ScalarMultiply(Phi^%T, f);
F := int(F1, x = 0 .. 1);

which f is exp(x-t) and Phi is a vectror.



I wrote down a proceduer in maple for solving integro diff. equations which result in an ill conditioned linear system of algebraic equations. I used the LinearSolve command with method=LU to solve the system but my algorithm failed, and does not converge. Is there any command in maple for solving such systems

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