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These are questions asked by iRenee

In fact, I have one last question :


Now I have drawn polyhedron whith the command that goes with it. How can I do the same thing for the color ?

polyhedraplot([0, 0, 0], polytype = hexahedron, scaling = constrained);


And is it possible to add points on the picture of the polyhedron ? Like center of the faces, middle of the edges and vertex...

Hello everyone !


First of all, excuse my English if it's difficult to read, I'm french.


I'd like to draw a surface/shape in 3D in spherical and I used plot3d with coords=spherical to do so. But I'd like to color on the picture to change when R(theta,phi) changes. I could visualize how R is changing and where it is the same. But I have no idea how to do so...


I can't put the picture here, the formula is too long...

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