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I'm considering a question for undergraduates like this:

An investor is looking at a $150,000 home. If 20% must be put down and the balance is financed at 9% over the next 30 years, what is the monthly mortgage payment?

On a basic financial calculator, say TI BA the solution is simply:


In the Finance package there is a strangely named function

levelcoupon(face, rate, couponrate, maturity)

that actually calculates the PV, that is the bond price in a basic setup with no dates (all CF are at the end) which is what I need, and another of the same class - yieldtomaturity, but I didn't find a function that returns the payment (coupon). 

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


For a vector of floats like this:

v := < 4,3,2>;

How do I get the 24 (=4*3*2)?


I embed Maple code in Mobius for test questions. A simple 2-step CRR tree gives significantly different answer from the calculated by hand or by R's fOptions. Here is the piece of Mobius/Maple:

$ct = maple("
    S0:=50; X:=50; Ty:=6./12; r:=0.07; sig:=0.3156; n:=1;
    dt := Ty/n;
    u  := exp(sig*sqrt(dt));
    d  := 1/u;
    pu := (exp(r*dt) - d)/(u - d);
    pd := 1 - pu;
    BT := BinomialTree(Ty,n,S0,u,pu,d,pd);
    cT := ST -> max(ST - $X,0);
    Ec := EuropeanOption(cT, $Ty):

The answer is: 6.545478168.  Exactly the same with BlackScholesBinomialTree

The correct answer should be 6.32

In this case the solution by hand is simply e^(-0.07*05)*0.5236*$12.50

R confirms 6.32:

CRRBinomialTreeOption(TypeFlag = "ce", S=S, X=X, Time=T, r=r, b=b, sigma=sig, n=n)@price

The error decreases with the increase of number of steps. All quantities before LatticePrice are calculated corectly. Any idea of what the reason might be?


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