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Hi, It appears that maple has some sort of internal memory restriction, which sometimes causes it to stop during a computation with the following error message: Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation, see ?alloc ..." Browsing through ?alloc, it appears that there's a way to increase this "software limit" , using something they call a "-T cl argument" but I was not able to find just how to go about it. Any idea how this could be done? thanks
Hi I am trying to combine a previous, numerically obtained result in a subsequent calculation: outline: suppose i have a given function, f(x), and i wish to construct the following boundary value problem: y''(x)=f(x), y(0)=1, y(1)=2 the known function f(x) is a result of another calculation, which i have obtained numerically. (f(x)=proc(x)...end proc, or something to that affect). code: -------------------------------------------- > restart; > sys := {diff(y(x), x) = x, y(0) = 1}; / d \ { --- y(x) = x, y(0) = 1 }
Hello, I would like to know how i could manipulate the output that i receive from the solve/fsolve commands: sample code: > for n from 1 to 10 by 1 do > fsolve({x+y=n+6,x*y=10},{x,y}) > end do; {y = 2.000000000, x = 5.000000000} {y = 1.550510257, x = 6.449489743} {x = 7.701562119, y = 1.298437881} {x = 8.872983346, y = 1.127016654} {y = 1.000000000, x = 10.00000000} {y = 0.9009804864, x = 11.09901951} {y = 0.8210916542, x = 12.17890835} {x = 13.24499800, y = 0.7550020016}
Hello I am trying to plot the same function over several different values for comparison. My problem is that whenever a plot is drawn, the axis is rescaled to fit the contents, for example in the following code > restart; > ReZ:=sin(omega); ReZ := sin(omega) > ImZ:=cos(omega); ImZ := cos(omega) > plot([ReZ,ImZ,omega=0..0.5]); > plot([ReZ,ImZ,omega=0..1]); The axis values differ, but the plots look exactly the same, which makes it very hard to compare them. I haven't been able to find a way to define the axis ranges i need so any suggestions would be appreciated
Hi. >sol2:=dsolve( {diff(c(x),x,x)=c(x) , c(0)=5, int(c(x),x=0..1)=3 },c(x)); Error, (in PDEtools/sdsolve) the input system cannot contain equations in the arbitrary parameters alone; found equation: _F1[x]-3 this is a DE of second order, so it requires two conditions to find the constants.. I wanted to give one of the conditions in the form of an integral, but i get the error above. Any idea why? thanks
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