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Thanks, but I already knew that method. The problem is that it is just as easy to reactivate the ai formula assistant. So my question is more about whether I can, for example, remove the tab or make sure that it cannot be reactivated directly.

Yes, that's what I thought - and wrote (many times), but it wouldn't work for me... until I copied what you wrote and then it worked.... so thank you very much.

I don't think I quite know what you mean by 'follow up' questions. I thought that's what I had done?

Thank you so wery much for your time, I can see, what I have done wrong.

Thank you! 

Found the answer my self, it can't be done. If I am going to use symbols instead og written words, I have to design the tasks with DocumentTools/Cancas.

Thank you so much! The procedure itself is genius.

A litle problem and a quick answer, thank you very much.

Kind regards!


I thought so, but again very much thank you for taking your time to answer me. I'll guess I try to ask if kr could be included in vers. 2021.

Kind regards.

@tomleslie thank you for your quick reply, it was halfway what I asked about - I am now a bit wiser. But still remain the other part; is it possible to add kr (kroner DKK) to Currency in the Numeric Formatting window?

Kind regards


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