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Can the size (width, length) of a 2D plot be specified programmatically? In particular, when a document is re-executed, I would like the graph outputs of plot(...) to be automatically sized to pre-defined values, for example to fit a full page. Right now, I am having to re-size each of my plots manually. For creating a report with many graphs, this is annoying to do and leads to plots that are not always exactly the same size.

I am thinking of the equivalent of ...

> plot(x^2,x=0..2,[width=6in,height=8in])

or ...

Does any way exist to bind keystrokes to menu commands? In particular, I frequently use sub and superscripts in text (I'm doing lots of chemical formula). That I have to search to a sub-sub-menu level to make these changes for individual characters is constantly annoying. Binding specific keystrokes (ctrl-underscore and ctrl-plus for example) to change character styles would be most useful in this case.

If this is not possible to do, consider it a feature request!



Maple 12.01 ID 363216 on MacOS 10.4.11

The only graphics format that Maple seems to accept from the clipboard via copy/paste is TIFF.

Is this correct, or am I missing something? In particular, I would want a way to copy/paste PNG or PDF.





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