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These are questions asked by jjweimer

macOS 12.3 + Maple 2021.2

* --> Print
* --> Print to PDF

The created document essentially has no left border (margin). This has been a problem over at least the last three versions in Maple. I end up having to use an extra PDF cropping tool to reset the margins on the document.

What is the solution to this problem?

macOS 12.3 + Maple 2021.2

* select a region on a document
* context click
* --> Copy as image

Copy as image does not put an image on the clipboard.

What is solution?

How can add a PNG within a text section of a Maple Worksheet without having the image appear with a black background?

Does Maple have an alpha channel or transparency setting that must be toggled for this to work?

Maple 2019
macOS 10.14.6

I am added pictures from the clipboard via drag+drop.

(Yes, I know that I can use JPEG without this problem and that is NOT my question).


My goal is to generate incremental values of a function to plot using dataplot. Why does the first example generate numeric values in the Vector and the second example does not?

fenq := f -> 2.1^(f+1):
pf := Vector(5, fenq)
                             [  4.41   ]
                              [  9.261  ]
                         pf := [ 19.4481 ]
                              [40.84101 ]
fseqn := (Se, f) -> Se^(f+1):
psf := Vector(5, fsenq(2.1, j))

I can plot the first data set using dataplot(pf). I cannot plot the second data set.

Starting with Maple 18, the Print to PDF feature caused the document page to be hard-aligned at the left margin of the page. Maple 2015 still seems to have this problem / bug.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Has a work-around been posted? Is a fix in the works after nearly 9 months?


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