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it should be 

c:= evalf((a+b)/2):

if not using signum then what should i use .

i tried to do this problem on paper , so it is like this.

f(x)= A*x^2 -B*x -C

let: A=1  , B=2 , C=3



so : a=0        b=4      midpoint=2

      a1=2       b1=4     midpoint=3

      a2=3       b2=4     midpoint=3.5

      a3=3.5     b3=4     midpoint=3.75

      a4=3.75    b4=4     midpoint=3.875

      a5=3.875    b5=4    midpoint=3.9375

so in my procedure, i want tp assign any values for A,B,C and find the midpoint at this particular a5 and b5 where midpoint is 3.9375 which ended with 4 decimal places. 

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