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These are questions asked by kencom1

Good everyone,

I am solving a pde problem and I wanted to get the table values for u(0,0.1) but it's just returning the pds. Attach below is the maple worksheet for the code. 

Anyone with suggestions, please.

Good day everyone,

I am writing a numerical code using dsolve which works fine but I have a challenge in inputting the previous answers in the subsequent ones. For example, how can I substitute the solutions in S1 into equ11, equ22, equ33, and equ44 in the link below? 

Thank you very much as I will be expecting responses from you soon.

Good day everyone, 

How can I extract the values of x and y for plotting? 

The worksheet is attached below. Thanks

Good day everyone,

I have been having problems with a system of PDE solution using `numeric`.

It's giving me the error code "Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/par_hyp) input system is too far from a 'standard' form (see ?pdsolve,numeric for more detail)" and I have checked to the best of my ability for the error but could not see anything.

The code is attached below.

Please, anyone with useful information should help. Thanks

Good day sirs,

I am having trouble identifying the error in the system of first-order ODEs. It gives the error code of

" Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) received more than one indication of the dependent vars [theta[1](t), theta[2](t), theta[3](t), theta[4](t), theta[5](t), theta[6](t), theta[7](t), theta[8](t), theta[9](t)].

The document is attached below.

Thank you

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