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These are questions asked by kencom1

Good day sirs, 

I have a code given the error code "Warning, solving for expressions other than names or functions is not recommended".

Please, anyone with useful information. 

Thank you in anticipation for the your response.

The Maple file is attached below.

Good day everyone,

I have problem-solving this system of equations using Iterative Projection Theorem. Anyone with a better explanations please.

The equation is as stated below. 


Solve this set of equations using the iterative projection theorem.

(x1 - 2)2 + (2x22 - 6)2 - 5 = 0

(x12 - 4)2 + (x2 - 10)2 - 39 = 0

Take the provisional values of  x1 and x2 as x01 = 5, x02 = 4, 

Thank you in anticipation

Good day everyone,

I am trying to write various parameters for two functions using "if loop" but it is substituting for the first one only. Anyone with useful information, please.

The link is attached below

Thank you

Please, anyone with the idea on how to plot D1 against alpha[n]. The link is attached below



Good day sirs, I write a system of DAE but giving me this code "(The use of global variables in numerical ODE problems is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. Use the 'parameters' argument instead (see ?dsolve,numeric,parameters)". The code is attached below.

Thanking you in anticipating for your help.


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