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Origami and thales theorem See this.
what about connections between mapleprimes and comp.soft-sys.math.maple ? is it possible to build a "bridge" bewteen them? for instance a "forum" in mapleprimes which will recieve all comp.soft-sys.math.maple posts, or a link to open it into the mapleprimes central frame. we could use the google interface? it will be easier to have only one place to concentrate all informations about maple... comp.soft-sys.math.maple

I had problems with interputing an LaTeX enumeration and continuing it after that. I finally found the solution:

   \item ...
   \item ...
   \item \label{it:ob:last}
   \item ...
   \item ...

thank you to some web sites:

What are your favorite development tools in Maple?
Hi everybody, I put on the Book pages of mapleprimes a way to implement functional objects with Maple. I'm deeply interested in your opinion about that... you can find my code here: View 744_indexed-output.mw on MapleNet or Download 744_indexed-output.mw
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