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How can I tell to Maple that the sum: Sum(v(n)*S(n),n=1..N) where S(n+1) = S(n) + xi(n+1) can be rewritten as: Sum(x(n)*xi(n),n=1..N) where x(n)=Sum(v(k),k=n..N) ? thanks
I try to deduce distribution fonction from a parametrized set of points with Maple. At this stage I have a dataset define through a relationship like y=f(x), and I want to obtain the distribution of y points, given that x in [-A,A]. The theoretic formula is : F[Y](z) = P(y<z). i.e. F[Y](z) = Int(delta[f(x)< z],x=-A..A); and I use the piecewise Maple function to implement it ( Int(piecewise(f(x)< z,1,0),x=-A..A) ), but for Maple : Int(piecewise(f(x)< z,1,0),x=-A..A) = piecewise(Int(f(x)< z, x=-A..A),1,0)) which is totally different !
has someone a sheet about percolation theory ? I put a very simple one on my blog: percolation
is it possible to implement a package so that the documentation and the help files will be automatically extracted from the sources?
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