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may be the best solution is to add a section called "my links", similar to "my blog" and "my files", so any user could insert in its mapleprimes view...
I known that "Maplesoft is a commercial enterprise", thanks. do you think that offering a spammed newsgroup is good for a "commercial enterprise"? or do you mean that the purpose of mapleprimes forums is to replace the newsgroup?
>> format long
>> exp(pi)-pi
ans =
>> maple('evalf(exp(Pi)-Pi)')
ans =
who's right?
I totally agree with you, I think that the perfect tools will be like: - a javadoc-like to produce the structured help files from the code - a JUnit like mechanism - a classical literate programming tool is not mandatory: instead of producing TeX code, it should be far better to produce Maple sheets - a libraries/packages management tool
thank you for this emacs mode, it is very useful. the only point is that I would like: - help generating tools - direct communication between maplev-mode and maple (does this already exists?) another discussion about maple dev tools here
I use emacs with maple-mode, but it's far from perfect.
Thanks for your comment. I did not "re discorver" anything, because I totally aware of OO embedding into high level lambda calculus (my favorite programming language is ocaml). The only point here is that from my point of view, it seems lighter than modules.
The web site inSecula contains a lot of pictures of museums around the world. You can find science museums among them, like la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris, France.
In my opinion, this museum is ideal for children to discover science.
great, at least there are some interesting video on YouTube... because such searches gives back too poor results: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mathematics&search=Search the only cool result is about vedic maths: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZKOPKIHsrc
Hi, I implemented the same function and counted the number of occurence of intergers from 1 to 9.999 into the first 10.000 digits of Pi. The result:
I'm an emacs user too (with maplev-mode). It's better than programming directly into Maple, but I always miss a documenting system. Of course, I use a literate programming tool that I built some years ago and that can be used with Maple (OCAMAWEB, needs LaTeX), but I cannot generate Maple help directly from my code at this stage (only a pretty pdf technical documentation). I'm sure this could be possible (may be using xml maple syntax to build on the fly help files for Maple...). Anyone tried this before or have a solution?
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