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@Rouben Rostamian  Thanks! Now I can open the file wrong.eps, though I cannot view the image. In Spanish we write "," instead of "." as decimal point. It is clear that Maple has gone too far translating into Spanish. They should correct this.


Thanks, taro! It is an interesting suggestion.

I have opened both eps files with a text editor and they look very much alike. The main difference is that the one which I can open with Preview (Maple 18) is 4 lines longer than the one which I cannot open (Maple 17).epsfiles.zip I have tried "cut and paste" with those four lines to no avail.

@taro I did not save the Maple worksheet "Sin título" is just "Untitled" in Spanish. The eps file name has no strange symbols. It is just "prueba.eps". Thanks

Thanks for your help!
I have captured a short video of what is happening to me. http://dcain.etsin.upm.es/maple.mov

Yes, I right click on the image to export it to eps.
What I find strange is that there is no problem at all with 2D graphics, just with 3D graphics.
I have tried imagemagick and I get a Ghostscript error too. Inkspace cannot open it either.
Other people in my department using Maple under Mac have the same problem. I wonder it it has to do with the Spanish version...




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