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I am trying to write a program for the representation of a function F with three variables i, j, x, where i, j are non-negative integers and x is real. I have tried with different indexings like F(i,j,x), F[i](j,x), F[i,j](x), but did not get the desired result. My objective is to get F as a function of i, j, x.

Here is my maple code with detailed description of my problems in each step.

I have a system of linear equations with a fixed number of equations, but the stracture of the system varies in T. I have solved the system for a fixed T and have to run for each value of T, which is quite boaring. I want to solve the system by a single run for multiple T values using a for loop. When I tried with the code, I got the following error.

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-GenerateMatrix) invalid subscript selector

I am trying to solve a linear system involving large number of equations with constant coefficients using Solve command from the LinearAlgebra package. The maple program is giving solutions for a smaller number of equations (T=10,Ne=20,Ng=15). But if I increase the number of equations to (T=20,Ne=30, Ng=25), then I got the error kernel connection has been lost. I need to increase the number of equations beyond this also. Any help to simplify the code or finding errors is appreciated.

I have a maple code that has two output blocks giving a large number of numerical values for my experiment. I need these values to compare the output in both the code blocks and also to draw several figures using the data. On a single run of the program, a large number of values are obtained and then I manually copy them to excel sheet for further analysis. It takes a lot of my time to copy and paste the results on each run. I want to export the outputs of both the code blocks to a excel sheet. Any suggestion on this problem will be helpful to me. Thanks.

The link to my code is

I want the output in this format Book1.xlsx

The attach maple workshhet evaluates a set of values for different values of input parameters. Each time I want to change the input parameter I have to run the code. I tried to call the code using documenttools[runworksheet] option, but I could not get any output. How can I get the output for a set of input parameters by running the code once. For example similar to a for loop that gives multiple outputs for corresponding inputs.



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