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@Carl Love 

Yes, map is interesting.  As you state, the transformation may alter the mathematics.

map(`/`,e,-2);   does not switch between < and > in the solution.  You have a new formula and that may be what you need.

-1/2*e;   works in Maple to make the switch.


Thanks for the observation.  If you were to multiply by -1, then < must switch to >.

@Joe Riel 

Very interesting with the negative integers.

Yes, it is much easier to create the string elsewhere and paste it into the Maple interface.



Thanks, Joe.

The StringTools[Ord] help topic says that StringTools treats all strings as sequences of 8-bit ASCII characters.  So é requires two bytes which were incorrectly entered as two octal numbers, 303 & 251.

I do not know how to enter é into the Maple interface.


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