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These are questions asked by max125

I am wondering why Maple simplifies (x^(1/3))^3 to x ,  but not (x^3)^(1/3) .
I even tried the surd function. I believe the surd function is for real number arguments, so it should simplify to x.















surd(x^3, 3)



surd(x, 3)^3




I asked maple to solve a basic log inequality.

This is what happened.

Here is a link to the document to replicate this behavior.

I know there is a solution , if you look at the [graph](

I also tried fsolve, but you have to narrow down the solution interval to look for a solution, and use an equality instead of an inequality.

I want to solve the equation x^(1/x) =1.2

The output is 1.257734541376526421
How do i get the other solution, numerically.

Is it possible to restrict or stipulate the domain to look for roots over a specific interval, some rootfinding command over the real numbers.
I also tried solve(x^(1/x)=1.2,AllSolutions,explicit)
Wolfram immediately gives me the second solution.

When i enter  Physics:-Version() I see the output

The "Physics Updates" version "859" is installed but is not active. The active version of Physics is within the library

   C:\Program Files\Maple 2020\lib\maple.mla, created 2020,  March 4, 20:36 hours


I tried to install it using Maple Cloud. The installation is stuck as seen below. Also i deleted the text file in the toolbox 2020 folder, maybe in the hope of starting from scratch.

Can someone please explain what to do to manually add the physics update, step by step. I am not that computer savvy as some of the users appear in other posts , I did try reading some.
I tried to download the physics update manually but I keep ending up with the same maple worksheet that says you need to use maplecloud.

In case you cannot read the text in the image

I notice that when I enter ?convert or ?convertininto the maple prompt, the help window opens once and then ceases to function.

Update. It seems that the problem is not restricted to a specific command, this occurs for any command. To replicate, open help using F1, exit maple help, then open help again using F1. Maple help won't open again. I have to do a hard exit to get it to work again.

Platform details:

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