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Im not sure I follow here,

You state:

If  x=0  and  y>0  then  arctan(y, x)= Pi/2

If  x=0  and  y<0  then  arctan(y, x)= -Pi/2

but in your examples: 

arctan(0, -1)  = Pi
and when I put in x = 0 and y > 0 it still only returns 0.

What does are those two if statements actually suppose to do?


@Joe Riel Thanks for the reply, I did use some of the blocks in 'Continous' and they filter and all, but what I wanted to do was really simply average an output signal by adding it with its previous time step and deviding it by two, something along the lines of: x(t)+ x(t-1) / 2

@Carl Love Hi, I have tried using gc();, doesn't have any effect.

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