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Thanks a lot Markiyan, and I am sorry I may have overlooked this already answered question. But, now I have just one more thing to know. On using AllSolutions = true in solve I get the answer as x = _z1~ ∏ / k, I then try to subs my fav symbol N instead of _Z1~, but Maple doesn't take it! It keeps it as it is. What kind of constant is this _Z1~, I had thought it to be the same as _C1, which is used by Maple while solving any ODE.

Reason why I want to...

I am using the function solve() to find roots of a trig. equation. Such as for sin(k*x) = 0, Maple retuns x = 0, whereas I expecting to get  x = n ∏/k, for n = 0,1,2,.... I am sorry I am new to Maple, can anyone help me get what I am looking for?

Thank you

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