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Thank you for your answer. I have a few questions. I am new to Maple, so could you explain what each line of code is doing in simple terms? Also, what I am trying to get Maple to do is the arc length parametrization. This is how I learned how to do it, so maybe some lines of code that closely resemble this would make more sense to me. For example, if you have the function <cos2t, sin2t, 4t> and you want to do the arc length parametrization, you would first take the derivative, which is <-2sin2t, 2cos2t, 4> and then take the magnitude, which is sqrt(4sin^2(2t),4cos^2(2t),16), which equals sqrt(20) or 2sqrt(5). Then you take the integral s = int(2sqrt(5)), where the lower bound is 0 and the upper bound is t. Integrate and you get s = 2sqrt(5)t. Then you take the inverse to solve in terms of s, so t = s/2sqrt(5). Then take s/2sqrt(5) and plug it back into the original equation wherever there is a t. If there is a way to code this process in a simpler way that more closely resembles this strategy/method, please let me know. Thank you.


Thank you for your answer. I have two questions. My first question is, when I try to copy and paste these lines of code into a new document on Maple, the line f(1); # Example and the line g(1); # Example do not produce an answer, Maple just says evaluating for a very long time and no answer is produced. My second question is, since I am new to Maple, can you please explain what each line of code is doing in simple terms? Thank you.


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