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is there any command to plot ternarry plots that show the relationsh between three sets of data? For example check the link



I am solving a system of differential equations with 2 variables. I can find numerical solution using dsolve with numeric option. I can also plot curves. But I also would like to extract data at time t0 and store into a file. I don't know how to extract numerical values from dsolve and store into a text file at various time, t0, t1, t2 etc. I would like to store data in tabular format with first, sceond and third columns are time, x and y respectively.


Just as an example, we can use

x'(t) = y(t), 

y'(t) = 6x(t) - y(t)

with x(0)=1 and y(0) = 2



@Markiyan Hirnyk 


Thanks for helping.

(1) But how to find period using code?

(2) how did you determine n=29 ?

(3) I don't need sequence of numbers, but would like to extract the coefficients of exp(..) terms. For example in the follwoing expression, how to extract the coefficients: (note that the expression is missing one more term and i don't know how to fix?)



Hi All,


Where can I download Fourier Series Package? I found other posts related to this but the link is not working.





I would like to animate solid of revolution for a region bounded by y=x^2+1, y=x, x=0 and x=2;

(a) about x=-1

(b) about y=6

Could anyone please help?



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