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if you just wanted to swap( interchange the expression for a and b),

a1 := -k*L*(theta-1)*((z-1)*epsilon*delta-epsilon*z+z);






temp:=b1 ## temp value to store b1 for swap



b1 := a1



a1 := temp












here is way to do it

instead of solve use fsolve please see the attached file now it does give you certain values of alpha1 and aplha2adm_shateyi(1).mw

First, you need to go to a question that I posted sometime ago,

In the replies and the selcted best answer you can see a way to export your graphs in high resolution. However higher resolution is not the the only thing you need. To export to word and in case where you have to put that figure into a small box or table, you need it to have higher font sizes for label etc. Also the line thikness should be increased up to satisfaction. I am sharing the code that i got from that post and see the difference between both graphs. You can play with the settings unless you are satisfied with the results. Everyone has his/her own requirments in that regard

As I am just sharing so the original credit goes to DSkoog and acer who responded positively there

see the difference between both the plots:

plot([cos(2*t)+sin(2*t), -2*sin(2*t)+2*cos(2*t), t = 0 .. 6.29])



I am sorry for the previous missunderstanding even for the parametric plot (2) should not be in braket as already mentioned by Carl, i dont have the time for much experimenting but i think now this would be a correct graph.


you forgot to put some brackets. i am uploading the file which plots your function. in future please do upload you worksheet typing it again is time consuming.

plot([cos(2*t)+sin(2*t), -2*sin(2*t)+2*cos(2*t)], t = 0 .. 6.29)




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