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If we look at your first message, it turns out that
r22 = r33, r23 = -r32, and they depend on x, then your system of equations has 15 - 3 = 12 variables.
 And the system of equations is not polynomial.

On the worksheet paste the picture from the buffer (ctr + v), click on the picture, and the "Drawing" panel starts to work. Learn the tools of the panel and work.

Topic on the Russian-speaking forum 

   Here is an example of the movement of a point along the graph together with the output values of function and the coordinates. 
If you look at this place from the text, then maybe it will help?  

a := [cos(x) = 0, 1, sin(y)*cos(x)-0.5 = 0];
a := convert(a, Vector); a(1); a(3);

 convert(a,Vector[column]) or  convert(a,Vector[row])

> restart:
a := .9;
plots[display](plottools[cuboid]([-a, -a, -a], [a, a, a], transparency = .8, color = pink), plottools[sphere]([0, 0, 0], 1., style = surface, color = khaki), axes = none, view = [-a .. a, -a .. a, -a .. a]);

For example, you may draw using the "drawing" in any desired place of the graph (Although it is unlikely to fit you)


    The theory, if anything, here:

    You can select and change any values, and then watch the result. Only the first you will be examined with the text. The text is small.   Maple15
    Hello your teacher! 

      To get started, try for the sphere of such graph, for example:

plsph:=plottools[sphere]([0, 0, 0], .995*JJ^2, color = green, transparency = .1, style = surface):

       If you do not like it, then we will think further.
       (You have a very large file).

I think you need to do differently. Look at the feature of graphs your equations 

implicitplot ([eq1, eq2], a = -2..2, b = -2..2, numpoints = 25000, color = [red, blue]); 

And try, for example, fsolve with intervals:

soln: = fsolve (eqs, {a = -2 .. -1, b = -1 .. 0});

 F := m*z^4-4*m*z^3+(3*m+3)*z^2-6*u;
 allvalues(solve(F, z));
...and further select intervals.

S := plottools[sphere]([0, 0, 0], 2, color = RGB(-.5, .1, .1), transparency = .5, style = surface):
plots[display](S); It remains to exclude unwanted values sigma . ( And allvalues to RootOf)

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