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I have a large system of non-linear equations. Is there any way to get Maple to remove the duplicate equations in the system? For example Maple doesn't recognise that x-y =0 is equal to y-x=0. 

Say I have a polynomial x^5 + 4xy^4 + 2y^3 +  x*y^2 + x^2 + y + 3

Can I truncate it up to total degree 3 (for example), so 2y^3 +  x*y^2 + x^2 + y + 3



How do I differentiate with respect to lnx? So for example df(x)/d lnx = xdf(x)/dx


What I am specifically after is a way to obtain d^n f(x)/d (lnx)^n (or equivalently (x*d/dx)^n f(x) ) so simply writing df(x)/d lnx = x*diff(f(x),x) is no good.

I have a set of around 60 linear equations with symbolic coefficients. ie


a*x1 + b*x2 + ... + c*x60 = 1

x1 + (c-a)*x2 + ... + d*x60 = 0


c*x1 + d*x2 + ... + b*x60 = a


The coefficients a,b,c,d are functions of x1...x60. I am trying to find the values of these coefficients. When I had a smaller set of equations I was solving them symbolically to find x1...x60 in terms of a,b,c,d and then using this solution to solve for a,b,c,d. I can no longer solve the set of equations symbolically as it is too large. How do I find the coefficients? I had some sort of optimization routine in mind.

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