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Hey mapleprimes

I am trying to get the sum function to give me n variables, well not sure how to explain it, so let me show:

sum(x__i, i = 0 .. 2)

I was expecting to get x__0 + x__1 + x__2

But instead i got:   3*x__i

Thanks for the help in advance :)


My problem is gone, but must be some weird character that is playing games with me or something


I will try to explain with an example, lets say i have to solve 2 equations with 2 unknowns

P := solve({3*y+x, 2*x+3+y})
solve({3*y+x, 2*x+3+y})

I would then like to do P[1] and P[2] to get the values, but instead it gives me "x=-9/5" which make me unable to use it for things like

P[1] + P[2]

Hope you all understand, and thanks for taking your time to read my problem 

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