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Thanks for the answer.

As I have maple 9 I was not able to read the adjusted file you attached (plots were not available). But after implementing the changes you suggested (changing the order in proc (m, lambda) and adjusting the numpoints), i still get the same combined plot with the restricted area being larger that the general function :(.

Best regards, Olga


I need some help with plotting the function with varying variables lambda and m ( varying from 0.1 to 1) which subject to the mutual constraint.

My function is:

> d:=(lambda, m) -> (0.1281008386e-3*m*lambda*(20.004936*lambda+21.004936*m+1)^2/(lambda+m)^2+0.1281008386e-3*(21.004936*lambda+21.004936*m-m*(1-lambda))^2/(lambda+m)^2)-(0.2690752038e-2+0.2690752038e-2*m*lambda);

The constraint is:



I'm a beginner in Maple and I struggle to plot the function under a number of constraints.

My function has 2 varying variables (lambda and m):

d:=(lambda, m) -> (0*lambda*m*1*0.2533*5.251234*(9)/2/((4*5.251234-1)^2)+ 1*((m*lambda*1*0.2533)/4 + (1*0.048236*(5.251234-1)*5.251234)/((4*5.251234-1)^2)))-(1*0.048236*0.2533*(0.2533-0.048236)*1*(1+m*lambda)/((4*0.2533-0.048236)^2)+ 0*lambda*m*1*0.2533*5.251234*((4*5.251234+5))/2/((4*5.251234-1)^2));

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