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your solution is maybe like the one I using now

My one like this


solution := solve(eqs);

for eq in eqs do

tmp_eqs := eqs minus {eq};

if solve(tmp_eqs) "like" solution then eqs := tmp_eqs; end if;

end do;

return eqs


for my opion, your ones has O(2^n) (because the # powerset of n is 2^n )

also the solve command is very expensive.


I hope there would be a better solution then yours and mine

Or maybe we narrow the problem with the constrain that the equation just has + - * / operators in it


you can write the piece of code in to a text file like "abc.mpl"

after that use command read to read it

you could use jEdit which support maple language for text editor

you comment the read line and all the code of that file also "comment"


that's how i managed my code, i hop some day Maple can have a powerful IDE for programmer.


the jEdit maple mode is a little out of day since it write for Maple 7. You can modify to use more convinice


sory for my full misstake english :D

yuo can use the inert version of `*` which is `%*`. and when you want to change to the normal sequece, just value(inert_expr) it

there is a simple button in the maple toolbar for switch the tab key.

or you can type int in another text editor for long code like jedit which support maple language

and paste it or use the command read to run the code in the text file


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