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These are questions asked by sand15

When there are print commands in a loop their content is printed as soon as this command is executed.
This is not the case with printf whose displays are delayed (buffered?).
Is there a way to force the display of printf when the command is executed?


Motivation: I want to display intermediate execution times in a prettier way than print offers.

Is it possible to enlarge the sliders in Explore(plot(...), ...) and increase their "resolution" (meaning to have a higher precision when the slider is moved)?
If Maple does offer this option, could you tell me from what version this is the case


I'm stucked in trying to prove that rel(n)  is true for each integer n > 1.


rel := n -> (n-3)^(n/(n-1))*2^(n/(n-1))-((n-1)*2^(n/(n-1))-4*2^(1/(n-1)))*(n-3)^(1/(n-1)) = 0

proc (n) options operator, arrow; (n-3)^(n/(n-1))*2^(n/(n-1))-((n-1)*2^(n/(n-1))-4*2^(1/(n-1)))*(n-3)^(1/(n-1)) = 0 end proc




Do you have any idea to do this?


For several hours I experience difficulties to upload a mw file (file to answer this question).

Given the error message I get

I thought it was a general technical problem.

But then I realized that this file , for instance, could be uploaded.

Nevertheless, as soon as I try to upload I get the error displayed above and it becomes impossible to upload any other file, even

Does someone has any idea about what's going on?

For the record, contains nothing special that could prevent its uploading.
This file can be uploaded here  DropBox  (replace the txt extension by mw before opening it with Maple).

I don't know where my last exchange with @mz6687  has been moved (not to the initial question for what I see).
Nevertheless here is the reply I was sending to @mz6687  which ended with the message "Page not found".

Could the one who moved the question meanwhile be so kind as to attach this reply?

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