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Hi everybody, 

Neither of these questions is vital but answers will be greatly appreciated

Question 1 :
Is it possible to manage programatically the character fonts in a printf command ?
(for instance to print some piece of text in bold font ... without selecting it and clicking the bold B of the toolbar)

Question 2 :

In order to have a nice render, I use to create my own format for printf command. For instance, when I have to “printf” some text I usually compute its length L and my “printf” format constructor contains a command  like  MyFormat := cat(“%”, L, “a”)

Unfortunately the length(…) command seems to be sensitive to accented characters :
                                     For people not familiar with french, "dégénéré"  (note the acute accents) means "degenerate".
length(“dégénéré”) returns 12
length(“degenere”) returns 8
… which of course leads to a very inelegant render, which is all I wanted to avoid

Why does “length” behave this way ?
Is it possible to bypass this annoyance while ensuring “dégénéré” has length 8 ?

Thanks in advance


Hi everybody, 

Only weights of type "numeric" can be used in a weighted graph (package GraphTheory) .
Is it possible to bypass this limitation and affect an infinite weight to an edge ?
If not possible, does it exist some "highest numeric value" in Maple I could use instead ?
(the trick of a very high value doesn't suit me)

Subsidiary question : is it possible to change the printing format for those weights ?
For instance   GraphTheory:-SetEdgeWeight(MyGraph, MyEdge, 123.4) plots the value 123 on edfe MyEdge

Thanks in advance

Hi everybody,

I write a worksheet which contains thesimple code provided in ?Maplets[Button] :

maplet := Maplet(["Select one:", ......]) 

As mentioned in ?MapleViewer it is possible to export a worksheet in a .maplet file (I use Windows 7) and to execute it by double clicking on the corresponding icon.
I proceeded as explained in the help page
But double clicking does not work with me : a "User Interface Customization System" window opens and shuts after a few seconds without displaying the expected maplet 

(right click + open with and select mapleviewer.exe shows that mapleviewer.exe does exist, so the issue does not likely come from an incomplete Maple installation).

I tried a few variants of the worksheet, such that
Maplets[Display](Maplet(["Select one:", ......])  ):

or even
Maplets[Display](Maplet(["Select one:", ......])  ):

But it keeps getting bad
Could you please help me to fix this ?


Hi everyone

I would like to unassign all  'user' variables but some of them.
More precisely, if 

  • MyVars := anames('user')
  • and KeepThese := {...} is some subset (manually constructed) of MyVars

I was thinking to something like
for k in MyVars minus KeepThese  do
   k := 'k'   # or k := unassign('k')
end do;

... which (obviously) does not work as desired because 'k' refers to the variable of name k and not to the variable k represents.

How is it possible to fix this ?

Great thanks in advance

Hello everybody,

I develop a simulator of dynamical systems governed by ODE systems.
Thanks to intensive upstream testing I have already identified some "methods" that work well on some classes of systems and poorly for some others (here "method" is intented in the sense of dsolve(..., numeric, method=...)), but it is rather difficult to know in advance if method A will perform well or not, or if method B could be better ...
This is very classical.

On the other side, people this simulator is designed for, do not want to use directly MAPLE to  choose a method among all those it proposes,nor to adjust the many parameters some methods can have

The idea I have in mind is to facilitate their choice by developing a specific Maplet. This Maplet could take as a model the pane dsolve[interactive]() opens when you select the numerical solving strategy.
As far as possible I would like to customize this pane for it be closer to our own needs (specific options sholud be proposed as well as personal help pages)

So my questions:

1/  Is the corresponding code avaliable (I failed to find it while using showstat) ?
1'/ Incidentally, even if this simulator is designed for internal purposes alone, is there some kind of copyright or usage limitations of the code above ?
2/ Is it possible to obtain the list of all the avaliable methods (euler, rk4, gear, ...) without without constructing it manually ?
3/ Once a method is choosen, is it possible to obtain the list of all its options (here again without without constructing it manually) ?

Maybe a quite unusual request on this site but I would greatly appreciate any answer

Thanks in advance

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