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These are questions asked by sarra

Dear all

My goal us to show that equation (11) is exactly (q^n-1)/(q-1)*y^(n-1),   a  simplification must be introduced and so that we obtain the necessary (q^n-1)/(q-1)*y^(n-1). 
Note that the operators are not commutative.

Than you for your help


I need some code in maple thats help me to verify my hand notes:

Find the set of points z  ( z complex number ) such that the three points A=1, B=z, and C=1+z^2  will be  aligned.

Many thanks


Dear all

I need a help how can i solve for example the following PDEs with Initial condition and boundary condition given at x=-1, and x=1.





Many thanks




Dear all

I have a linear system and I would like to generate the matrix from the linear system of equations

Many thanks for your help



I would like to solve the two dimensional heat equation in the square [-1,1]^2  using finite difference.

The following code  does not gives me the right answer.

  I appreciate any help

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