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These are questions asked by snpa

I am trying to solve several problems of  solving  around 200 undetermined variables out of a set of aroud 300 2nd-order equations (such as a*b=c).

I just use "solve" command.

1. Maple continuingly evaluates and does not return result, how to make it work? 

2. In some problems, i have results, but there are great of freedom, which i want to restrict them in some way.

For examples, they are two non-commutative variables x and y, and i use "Setup(noncommutativeprefix={x,y})" to define.
 As the previous results have shown that AntiCommutator(x,x)=0 and AntiCommutator(y,y)=0, so i just define Setup(algebrarules={%AntiCommutator(x,x)=0, %AntiCommutator(y,y)=0}).
When i am calculating AntiCommutator(x,y), the maple automatically simplifies the results and returns AntiCommutator(x,y)=0, as variables x and y are thought to be GrassmannParity =1 variables.

Consider two  3*3 matrix e23 and e32, the AntiCommutator of (e23, e23)=(e32,e32)=0, but the AntiCommutator(e23,e32)= e22+e33.

So how the algebrarules work and why there is the contradiction ?

-(-u*(diff(v, x))+int((diff(v, x))*(diff(u, x)), x)+int((diff(v, x, x))*u, x))  how to simplify this expression to zero by any commands?

Is there any packages / function I can use to ...? I've checked the Physic [Diff] about diff on function with anticommutative variables.

As i know i can introduce a proc like: theta*diff(f,x)+diff(f,theta)  where f is a super-function to represent superderivation.

Question is I want treat super-derivative as one operator not a combination, because i wanna compare the order like comparing order of diff(f,x).

Any advice on dealing super function by maple is needed. My first time dealing with super function i havent got any clues..

 K is a function by K(u,ux), and there is an equation K2,2=0,. It must be solved like K=K1(u)*ux+k2(u)

Is there any command to help me solve that kind of expression just in Jet space?

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