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@Kitonum yes that's what I'm looking for. Thanks.


What is the logic of behind the following part of your code? Could you explain more?  


In the plot, what are our parameters? s and y? x and y etc.? 

Dear @acer,

What are the good methods in order to transform (or export) the last table to latex code?

@acer and @vv 4847

thank you so much.


Could you explain to me what is the difference between 





When doesn't the second code run?

Adding colorbar in plots is so complicate comparing Matlab.

We wish to making it easier with MAPLE 2019.

@acer Thank you very much.

In the code which I shared,

# For Linear Differential equations 

# For Nonlinear Differential equations


But, your code is valid for both nonlinear and linear differential equation, is it? 

@Kitonum thanks for your interest. 

I think I'm misunderstood. I made a little change in the question. Not sin(x), it must be sin(y). In 3D plot, the axis must be ( y, t, X(t)*sin(y) )

@acer thank you.
How to define zmin , zmax and verthuebar .

what is the logic behind its?

I can't write a code for similar questions. 


@acer I edited my question.

Thank you dear @tomleslie. It is almost the answer which I want.

But, how can we remove the brackets inside the matrix P ?



@Carl Love 

thanks for your reply.

I edited the code.

- I used x instead of gamma in the code.

-you are right, f is a vector.

-I removed the brackets.

-It is the ODE with variable coefficients. I edited the code. There is a still error now?  

 v is velocity. So, v with dot is acceleration. I think we assume that acceleration is fixed.  If not, I think we can' t solve, too.


If they are fixed, how can we solve?

@acer I didn't see your message.

Thanks for the warnings. I will be careful.

@vv many thanks.
If you interest, you can find special example for Matrix H in this similar post.

I try to write a code for the following recursive matrix by considering your code. 

I am stuck with the end of the code. I highlighted it with yellow.

You can find the details in the following code.

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