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Thank you very much for reply.

it is QHD+ laptop (3200×1800). I tried to reduce screen resolution, but there is still same problem.

Do you have an other solution idea?

Hello @Thomas Richard I am using Maple 2016.1 But I have same problem,too.

titlebar, the palettes etc. are so small that they are invisible. In addition,some symbols and writings in the palettes are overlapped. Can you help me?

PC: Windows 10

my laptop screen resolution is 3200x1800.

Thank you very much.


 I live same problem, too. Did you solve the problem?

@Joe Riel . I agree with you.

All right, did you view the code I shared? You think that it is right ? or I have some mistakes?

@John Fredsted You are right. Sorry. I corrected it.

F1,F2,F3,F4 depend on functions Xn, n = 1..N. 

Since my main question is very long and labored, I dropped and summarized it.

But what I want to know is very closed to the following.


@John Fredsted 

Firstly, thank you very much for great efforts.

Briefly; in a step of my homework,

I have 4x1 matrix Fn (where the elements of Fn are functions that depend on function x1,x2,...,xn) and I want to take derivative of matrix Fn with respect to nx1 matrix Xn:=(x1,x2,...,xn) and then to calculate



Can not we write a code to define nx1 matrix  Y:=(y1,y2,...,yn)  where "n" is ungiven before ? It is important for my homework.

For any number "n" in Natural Number Set,(where n is ungiven before) I want to define  nx1 matrix  Y:=(y1,y2,...,yn) and nx1 matrix X:=(x1,x2,...,xn) in Maple.

And I want to write a code in order to take derivative of matrix Y with respect to nx1 matrix X.

We know the derivative of Matrix Y wrt. matrix X as the following : (Jacobian Matrix)

@Kitonum Thank you. I am new in Maple for command "proc" but I try to understand it.

To find matrix D, how can I write eigenvalues of A to main diagonal of D (where others entries of D are zero)?

@John Fredsted to find matrix D, how can I write eigenvalues of A to main diagonal of D (where others entries of D are zero)

@John Fredsted thank you. 

All right, what is the code for unknown matrix A (nxn)? Which eigenvector I wil take?

@hitstudent I selected option 1920x1080 , but it is not solved. 

@ecterrab I will try the command too. Thank you.

Last question: I want to draw graphs of functions x1(t) and x2(t).

Why command "plot(x1(t))" doesn't work? (I guess x1(t) is not defined as the first row of the matrix in our code. How can assign it?(Such a assignment is very important for me since I will frequently use it)

@Preben Alsholm very thanks. Unfortunately I am new in Maple. How can we solve if the equation is x'(t)=A.x(t)+B and it has initial condition such as in the example? B: =[-t, -2t-1]^T, x(0):=[-3,  5]^T

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