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Do you know some references out of Maple? Articles, books..







Can you give me some references??



@nm  thanks for your Support.


But the second equation ist Not a pde!

Which numerical method the maple use?





Thanks every one!


@dharr gave the more easy solution to me! I just did  a small modification


for i from 0 to 20 by 0.1 do #small step
  fprintf(out,"%f  %f\n", i, eval(res,t=i)):




@Rouben Rostamian  


You have make a great job! But you don't put the fourier boundary condition (see at picture at first post).






Very thanks!!


it's a big surprise (to me) that changing one letter can make the program stop working!





Very thanks Mr. Rouben Rostamian

I am use maple 13. Yours conde do not work.....



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