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Hi is it possible to plot both x and y on the same graph versus t, I can't get anywhere with it but my maple skills aren't great.:

x := sqrt(1-10^14*sin(10^10*t)^2/(3*Pi*t^2))

y := 10^7*sin(10^10*t)/(t*sqrt(3*Pi))

Hi I know this is a simple question but i have completely forgotten how to do it: I have the following equation, 

h := ((A-B)^2*(A-4-B^2+4*B)*(A-4-B^2-4*B)-Q^2*(A-4-B^2+4*B))/(Q^2*(A-4-B^2-4*B))-1

how can I find what B is equal to?


Does anyone know how to us asympt on a function but with x going to -infinity rather than the standrad +infinity thx

In a plot of y=x^2 how can one choose to have no tickmarks except for at given points say x=2 and x =8 and of course on the corresponding y values?



I want  to make the phase plot of d(Z(t))/dt (along y) and Z(t) (along x axis). The initial conditiona are arbitrary. I only have one equation:

d(dz/dt)/dz = - (sqrt(d(z^2)/dt + 10^10 * z^2)*dz/dt + 10^(10)*z)/dz/dt

Is it still possible to make a phase space plot or do i need another equation?

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