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Let r is radius of circle inscribed and R is radius of circle circumscribing atriangle ABC.

Prove that p[tan(A/2)+tan(A/2)+tan(A/2)]=r+4R where p=(1/2)(a+b+c).

Solve the equation (x-2)(25-x^2)=1

Let function f(x)=x(2011+√(2013-x2)).Find maximum and minimum value of function f(x)?

A  group of boy and girl students  compete to eat pizza at super market .One pizza was cut 12 pieces one boy student  could to eat 6 or 7 pieces and one girl student could to eat 2 or 3 pieces .

If they put  4 pizzas they will not see enough  if  they put 5 pizzas will over .

How many boy and girl students who compete ?

Solve the equation sinx=1.5

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